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‘The Simpsons’ commemorates Trump’s first 100 days with scathing clip

"The Simpsons" is pulling no punches when it comes to lampooning President Trump, as evidenced by its detail-dense new video commemorating his first 100 days in office.

It begins on a dark and stormy night and only gets darker from there.

Except for Trump’s hair. That’s still quite lively.

Sean Spicer is seen hanging — literally — in the White House press room with a note on his suit reading "I quit." Kellyanne Conway scurries away, saying, "I am not replacing him."

Upstairs, Steve Bannon is locked in a stranglehold with someone who could be any number of Trump’s brunet advisors — Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller —and while the union metaphorically burns, the president is in bed on his phone.

While Trump’s boudoir looks virtually identical to its depiction in an August video from "The Simpsons," it now features the delightful addition of a framed photo of POTUS pretending to drive a truck.

The president pretends to drive a truck.

As he relaxes, Trump reviews the accomplishments from his first 100 days, including lowering his golf handicap, raising his number of Twitter followers and legalizing the hunting of hibernating bears.

Meanwhile, daughter Ivanka Trump is using her new place on the Supreme Court to peddle wares while Ruth Bader Ginsburg is physically removed from the bench.

Back in Springfield, the D.C. antics have all been a bit much for Marge Simpson, who’s already run through four years worth of Prozac.

"One hundred days. We’re 6.8% of the way home," a narrator intones over a shot of a four-year calendar. "Paid for by ‘Anyone Else 2020.’"

Trump has long been a target for Fox’s long-running animated series, which in a 2000 episode jokingly predicted a Trump presidency and has lampooned the now-president several times since.

(Richard Shotwell / Associated Press) Seth Meyers on Wednesday night’s "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on NBC. (YouTube) Mike Rutherford, left, Phil Collins and Tony Banks of Genesis in 2007. (Angela Weiss / AFP/Getty Images, left; Manuel Balce Ceneta / Associated Press, right)