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Sprint Event Announcement Indicates ‘Pokémon GO’ Gen 2 Could Launch At Any Moment

Sprint has been one of ’s most high-profile partners over the past few months with sponsored PokeStop locations in North America, and now they may be signaling that Gen 2 is either minutes or hours or at most, a day away.

The company has just that reveals a new “Lure-a-Thon” event where Sprint PokeStops will have lures running constantly from the hours of 2-8 PM local time on Friday, February 17. The goal is clearly to get people into a Sprint store and buying things as a side effect of trying to catch Pokémon.

But the story here is that this announcement might signal the launch of Gen 2 , not tomorrow, and here’s where things get a bit confusing.

The date on the announcement is today, February 16, the statement talks about “today’s” Gen 2 launch, but the event itself is being held tomorrow. Right now, it’s unclear whether this press release was leaked a day early, or perhaps only minutes or hours early. You can read it both ways. If it’s a full day early, the “today” statement could have been referring to an event launching right as Gen 2 launches, possibly tomorrow. But the fact that today’s date is actually in the release itself makes me think that Gen 2 might be about to come online as I write this, and Sprint just jumped the gun a tiny bit early rather than a full day.

Other evidence for this are new patches that just were pushed live on iOS and Android, which do not launch Gen 2 themselves, but make some of the quality of life changes to the game we saw in the Gen 2 announcement, like selection of berries and balls during the capture screen.

At the very least, this is more information than we had previously. Ahead of this, we had no information about when exactly Gen 2 launched other than “by the end of the week,” and many assumed it might start up on the weekend, Saturday, when everyone is out of school. This Sprint statement firmly rules that out, as at the latest it will start Friday. At the earliest, it may start any minute, which is what this statement indicate, depending on how you read it.

I would not be surprised if Niantic launches Gen 2 at some odd time, like the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday, possibly to help with potential server issues. Debuting it on a Saturday morning/afternoon when a lot more potential players might be free could crash the servers if the Gen 2 update brings a big resurgence of players like it’s supposed to.

This is an ongoing story and could change any minute, so check back here for updates. For now, it seems that Gen 2 could arrive at any moment, but it seems like it to be here tomorrow by 2 PM at the latest. Stay tuned.